What is the financial scope of this project?

    In November 2019, the community successfully passed two bond referendum questions.  The first question was $112M for a new high school campus to be constructed and question two was to use $8M to re-purpose the current high school building/campus.

    Are there areas that need to be demolished?

    Certain areas that are in structural disrepair will need to be demolished on the current campus.  We will identify these areas as we begin to consider the potential uses moving forward.

    The district does not anticipate the need for additional building square footage. However, if no other interest parties emerge as a part of the process, part of the budget does accommodate for any potential demolition. Areas that could be impacted by this include:

    • G-wing (math, science and industrial tech)
    • Lunchroom
    • Atrium area
    • Underground plaza areas
    • 1921 portion of the building, including the colonnade, auditorium and the music area

    Does the District plan on using any areas of the existing school for future use?

    Based on the two question passed in the recent referendum vote, the school district has an allocated $11 million for the re-use of the current Owatonna High School campus. While the district is currently reviewing public comment and suggestions – many of which came through Engage Owatonna – and developing an action plan, there are some areas where the district believes some of the funds could be allocated:

    • The three-story portion at the northwest corner (C Plaza) is anticipated to be remodeled to house district administration offices.
    • The Ag/Annex building is anticipated to be utilized for district maintenance shops.
    • Tennis courts to remain available for district and community use.
    • Gymnasium and locker rooms anticipated to house High School and youth gymnastics programs.
    • Field and track to remain available for district and community use.